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Technology Innovation/Digital Health


Company Description

SecureCHEK AI, Inc., headquartered in New York, NY, serves prescription (Rx) product manufacturers and their healthcare advertising agencies.  The company was founded in 2021 to help the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industry to automate manual marketing processes to get messages about Rx products to market faster and compliantly.  SecureCHEK® AI uses AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to automate all repetitive tasks that do not require human intervention.

Services & Capabilities

SecureCHEK AI has three business solutions:

The SecureCHEK AI Claims Library instantly absorbs already-approved content including claims, fair balance, images, and references. Claims Libraries are the institutional backbone for a company. SecureCHEK® AI can create these Libraries in a few hours and does not require significant internal resource allocation. 

Next, SecureCHEK® AI uses matching technology to scan and compare derivative content against the master Claims Library of already-approved claims. Once the new document is uploaded for checking, the SecureCHEK® AI Review Readiness Score tells you how much content matches the approved content in the Library, whether there are deviations relating to government and corporate compliance requirements, where the errors are in the document, and whether there is new/dynamic content that needs to be more carefully checked. 

 The updated working document is uploaded for the final check, and the downloaded SecureCHEK® AI Quality Assessment Report flags any open items for discussion. Without SecureCHEK® AI, reviewers would be required to examine a document word for word, top to bottom. When new materials are approved for distribution, their content is automatically uploaded to the SecureCHEK® AI Claims Library so that it is always current.

SecureCHEK® AI Modular Content enables marketers and their agencies to execute tactics end to end, including blocking, template creation, design polish, and checking. There would be no need for any agency or a production company to execute these tactics or 2) the system can develop and export the compliant modular blocks to InDesign so the assigned agencies can create the required templates and then resubmit them to SecureCHEK® AI for final checking pre-MLR.


Key Differentiators

SecureCHEK AI:



Is up and running in one day

Highlights claims deviations/new content for quicker analysis

Suggests approved references to substantiate a claim

Captures variations in approved claims for evaluation

Traces claims/references back to core source materials

Validates the ISI for both format and font

Identifies/checks content based on label updates

Extracts content from images, charts and graphs

Captures business rationale for content changes


Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Small Business