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Kith + Kin

Technology Innovation/Digital Health


Company Description

Kith + Kin is a consumer health tool for individuals and caregivers to manage health information to be more confident and effective consumers of health and more impactful advocates for those they care for and about. 

Services & Capabilities

With Kith + Kin, an individual can manage health the way they manage life - through simple tools and functions they are used to using - pictures, notes, documents, etc., but constructed in a way that enables them to have their full health story in one place.  No more binders, folders, text strings, photos and notes on their phone.   Kith + Kin enables people to create profiles for anyone they care for and about, store any information they need - either in note format or through a series of reusable information types (like allergies, medications, practitioners, ID cards, appointments, vaccinations, etc.)  Using words that make sense to you, Kith + Kin makes health information more understandable and accessible to individuals from all cultures and sociodemographic backgrounds.  Information is fully searchable and you can choose to share some information with some people and other information with other people, the way you do in real life.  

Key Differentiators

During over a thousand hours in user research in 2020, we learned that individuals and caregivers needed three key things that did not exist in any solutions currently on the market - a portable solution that they own that could house all of their information, for all their people, in one place; room for more than data - a place to store their notes and personal information; and a way to share different information with different people, the way they do in real life.  

Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Small Business