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Ironwood Insights Group, LLC

Market Research - Full Service

Company Description

Ironwood Insights offers expert-level consultation and execution across a full-spectrum of insights services, including: forward-thinking designs, industry-leading data collection services and leading-edge analytical frameworks. 

Services & Capabilities

Secondary + Primary Qualitative & Quantitative research, Hybrid AI/Traditional blended research

        Category Experience: Deep experience across the healthcare value chain: health systems and hospitals to pharma and device companies to government agencies (i.e., CMS, CDC).

        Target Audiences: Physicians (Specialists, PCP’s), PA’s/ NP’s/Nurses, Hospital Clinical Directors/Administrators/C-Suite, Payers/Brokers/Benefits Directors, Patients/Caregivers/ Guardians, Afflicted populations

        Key Business Issues Researched:

        Brand health/Brand equity tracking

        Brand positioning/communications strategy/message  development and evaluation

        Market landscapes/awareness, attitudes, usage

Product concept development/testing

       Claims testing

        Price testing/pricing strategy development and testing

        Trade-off/conjoint/discrete choice


        Advertising and campaign development and evaluation

        Patient journey/patient experience

        User experience/design research

Key Differentiators

Expertise that spans all key segments of the category. Our consultants have decades of experience working with a broad range of healthcare clients ranging from health systems/ hospitals to pharma/device companies to government agencies, such as CMS. Our in-house, multimodal data collection capabilities allow us to research any consituencey efficiently and effectively, including: patients, plan members, PCP's/Specialists, PA's/MA's/CNP's, health system administrators.

Diversity Status

Small Business