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Market Research - Full Service


Company Description

Amplinate: Amplify + Innovate Global Voices 

Our Mission is to amplify the lived experiences of people around the world to create innovative and inclusive products that are good for humans, good for the planet, and good for business. 

We specialize in International and cross-cultural research, UX Research, Market Research, and Product Strategy Research - from tactical to strategic. 


Our team members bring a wealth of experience from leading positions in prominent Silicon Valley companies, coupled with directors boasting over 20 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical market research industry. This powerful combination empowers us to craft unparalleled methodologies and solutions, ensuring the delivery of optimal results to our clients. 


As experts in comprehensive healthcare market research and strategic consulting, our global operations involve the analysis of healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, and influencers, considering the evolving landscape of health, humanity, and culture.  

No matter the complexity of your brand challenge, our expertise in insight discovery and brand communications uniquely positions us to assist you in successfully navigating your brand journey from initial stages to launch and beyond. 


Our research has inspired us to think deeply about diversity and inclusion in more complex ways, informed our development of inclusive design best practices and metrics, and led us to systemically integrate inclusion into our internal company processes. 


Amplinate is Queer and Latino owned. We respect every human in being their full, authentic self. We celebrate and amplify voices from diverse worldviews and lived experiences, inclusive of perspectives from Queer, POC, Rare Disease Patients, and disabled communities. 


Services & Capabilities

Market Assessment: Market size and growth, Customer’s needs, wants, and preferences, Competitive Environment, Future forecast. 

Product Development: Identify product opportunities, Rationalize the product portfolio and attributes. 

Brand Tests: Detail Aid Test, Concept Test, Brand Iconography Tests - Brand Name Test, Brand Image Test, Logo Test, Packaging Test, Message Testing, Assessing Product Messaging 

Positioning: Product Positioning/Re-Positioning, Values Propositions 


User-Centric UX + Health Solutions: 

Designing pharmaceutical websites and apps with user-friendly interfaces. 

Tailored interface design for healthcare professionals, focusing on usability and functionality. 

Developing UX strategies to improve patient adherence to treatment. 

Addressing regulatory compliance and adverse events through specialized UX strategies. 


Design Innovation:  

UX-Design, Industrial Design, Interface Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Smart Environments, Wireframing, Sustainable Design, Co-Development, and User-Interaction Design  


Key Differentiators

  • We leverage a unique blend of expertise in UX, digital, and the pharmaceutical industry 
  • Native cultural ambassadors provide nuanced interpretations of research data to ensure you and your team move in the right direction 
  • Global team based across 5 continents: boots on the ground where we need to go 
  • Single point of contact across multiple markets – in-house process, including fieldwork 
  • AI-powered platform to enhance diversity panel database for HCPs and Patients 


Diversity Status