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Global Bridge Pharmaceutical Inc.

Life Sciences Strategy Consulting


Company Description

Global Bridge Pharmaceutical is a USFDA registered prescription drug distribution and consulting company. 

Our clients are both multinational companies and generic drug manufacturers to provide them with drugs for comparator studies and sourcing from them for other clients.

We manage Named Patient Program, Early Access Programs and Donor Programs for Pharma companies, enabling them to deliver novel medicines to our network of clinicians and patients in Africa. In doing so, we can help them in clinical trials rosources and pharmacovigilance reporting.

Services & Capabilities

Licensed distributor with expertise in procurement.

Experienced in procuring medicines for clients in US and Africa

Resources to access brand names and biologics medicines to be used in clinical trails by pharma companies and research intitutions.

Capable of handling drugs sourced from pharma companies and provide to foreign patients and clinicians through Naed Patient Programs and Donor Programs.

Network of health professionals in USA and Africa

Key Differentiators

Multilanguage, English, French and Italian

Network of physicians in Africa

Fimiliar with pharma legislations in Europe, US and Africa.


Diversity Status

Minority-owned, Small Business