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ripple international Ltd.

KOL ID & Influence Mapping

Company Description

Multimethodology research agency passionate about providing strategic support to clients globally. Focusing on Pharma, LifeScience and Healthcare, our mission is to generate insights to build brand and communications strategies that make a difference

Services & Capabilities

We apply innovative strategic thinking from the ground up on the full range of qualitative and quantitative techniques backed by vast years of experience. Spanning the entire product life cycle in traditional and rare diseases arenas with a unique flair to tease out insights that shift the dial

We pride ourselves in creating cohesive, sequential approaches to generate insights at the right time will help drive the strategic blueprint that is fundamental to new drug development

We are dedicated to amplify the patient (and caregivers) voice particularly around better understanding of their journeys from initial symptoms to on-going management. We cover acute and chronic, mainstream and rare diseases

Key Differentiators

We are information gurus, dynamic and highly experienced senior-level qual specialists with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical, marketing and technology industries. Curiosity drives our innovative approach enabling us to provide flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness through a hands-on agile team.

"Your findings were strong, and your delivery succinct and super easy to follow, you really did an amazing job in very little time and against sky-high expectations” - Global Insights & Analytics