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Finch and the Frog

Digital Social Insights


Company Description

A qualitative market research company expert in discerning behavioral drivers through identification of groups' values, beliefs, and emotions through deep analysis of the language.


Deep analysis of relevant audiences' language use to understand what makes that audience tick and do what they do. Language analyzed comes from interviews and ethnographic methods (social media communities, online boards and diaries). 


We help you identify and understand archetypes, priortize segments, and craft messages with the right content, tone and imagery.

Services & Capabilities

  • Research Methods
    • Qualitative Interviews & Moderation with KOLs, Physicians, Other HCPs, Patients and Caregivers 
    • Netnography (Social Deep Listening)
    • Online Boards and Diaries 
    • Ethnography 
  • Examples of Research Study Types: 
    • Exploratory Research 
    • Journey Mapping 
    • Archetyping (Identifying | Bringing to Life) 
    • Message Testing
  • Types of Findings: 
    • Barriers and Opportunities - Egoic, Conceptual, Logistical, Financial
    • How to craft messages designed to resonate with HCPs', Patients' and Caregivers' experiences, emotions, identities, and concepts of diseases and treatments
    • Needs gaps (emotional and practical) 
    • Education gaps 
    • How your audience conceptualizes their disease and treatment (e.g., are symptoms naturalized?; how are the risks of treating versus not treating or undertreating understood?)
    • Identity Issues (Ego, Sense of Self, Sense of Others, Relationship with Others) and how Identity intersects with treatment choices, relationships between careproviders and people with illnesses 
    • The Influence of Others (e.g., caregivers, department heads) 
    • The Influence of Emotions in Decision-Making


  • What the Findings Enable
    • Craft visual and texual messages designed to resonate with HCPs', Patients, and Caregivers' experiences, emotions, identities, and concepts of diseases and treatments. 
    • Design education to fill in or correct knowledge gaps -- and normalize new ways of understanding and approaching a disease and treatment
    • Identify segments to prioritize--and understand how to speak with them 


Key Differentiators


  • Deep dive into social media communities to understand audiences' belief and meaning systems, and behavioral drivers.

Discourse Analysis: 

  • We read between the lines of people and communities' discourse, listening to hear what beliefs, values, understandings, emotions and experiences drive behaviors--of HCPs,  Patients and CAregivers. We analyze what people say and what stories they tell, how they tell it, and what they don't say. 

Behavioral Drivers

  • Focus on what drives behaviors, including at the levels of the personal, the segment, the community or micro culture and the larger culture.