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Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

PersonaPanels crafts machine-learning Synthetic Respondents (SRs) representing key market segments. SRs evolve by tracking online trends, offering real-time insights for trend analysis and message testing.

Services & Capabilities

PersonaPanels offers three primary services:  1) Living Segmentation works with a client's segmentation data to create Synthetic Respondents (SRs) mirroring the client's target markets. Once created, the segments are exposed to the internet where they utilize machine learning algorithms to integrate relevant material into themselves, ensuring that they are always aware of current market trends and changing segment preferences. 2) PersonaPanels Monitoring  allows clients to observe, filter, and export the content absorbed by their SRs.for analysis.  3) KnowNow Messaging allows clients to test their ideas and messages with SRs, swiftly identifying which ideas and messages have the most interest for their target market and which components of a message/idea are driving overall interest.  Together, our services and capabilities ensure an insightful and tailored approach to understanding and engaging with diverse market segments.

Key Differentiators

PersonaPanels uniquely formulates Synthetic Respondents for market trend monitoring and client message testing. We excel in symbolizing both large population segments and smaller, hard-to-reach groups.

Diversity Status

Small Business