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Jade Kite

Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

Jade Kite is an AI-enhanced qualitative insights agency with deep strategic expertise. We use AI to access the subconscious emotions that drive behavior to help you build powerful, emotionally resonant brands that people know, love and trust.

Services & Capabilities

We Inspire With Confidence.

Jade Kite uses qualitative research expertise and Emotive AI to identify and quantify your customers’ deep-seated drivers, so you can build emotionally resonant brands that drives long term growth with full confidence.

  • AI-enhanced  emotional analysis: We use the full range of Emotive AI tools to identify and quantify he needs of patients and HCPs. Our expertise in pharma insights lets us pick the right tool and deploy it sensitively.
  • Brand strategy: We connect the dots from insights to strategy to win both hearts and minds.
  • HCP: Drivers & barriers, archetypes, forecasting
  • Patients: Journeys, portraits, brand perception
  • Messaging: Strategy, testing and optimization, brand audit and tracking

Key Differentiators

World-leading qualitative AI analytics expertise

Cutting edge technology

Ultra-fast message optimization

All-senior insights and strategy team

Global capability

Deep strategic thinking

Focus on differentiation in crowded markets

Experience from consumer world branding

Diversity Status

LGBTQ-owned, Minority-owned, Small Business