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Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

iMR connects pharmaceutical companies with answers to challenging questions that other insight providers cannot. Our passion lies in challenging the status quo so we changed the marketing research paradigm to better reflect the way physicians, patients, and payers think and behave. Leveraging advances in behavioral science, we have pioneered a suite of innovative analytics tools to access both the conscious and unconscious processes of target audiences. This provides our client partners with a level of precision and market understanding that was previously unattainable.

Services & Capabilities

Building on learnings from the behavioral sciences, we developed an innovative suite of tools to better capture true drivers of decision-making. Combined with our expert partnership, these tools can reveal unique insights to inform your most critical business decisions.


iMR’s Proprietary Solutions

Demand & Forecasting (iF™): Predict future trends for your products

Brand Positioning & Drivers (iABC™): Understand how your brand compares to competitors

Message Testing (iSearch™): Optimize your messaging and create more powerful brand stories

Market Segmentation (iP™): Define your market with maximum actionability

Brand Tracking (iATU 360™): Keep tabs on what really matters to your brand

Heuristics & Biases (iSearch Heuristics™): Understand doctors', patients', and payers' decision-making processes

Implicit Association Test (iSight™): Reveal how decision-makers truly feel about a brand

Key Differentiators

What makes us unique is our proprietary methods rooted in behavioral science to provide our client partners with a higher level of precision and depth of insights than they can get with traditional market research. We structure data collection around simulations to replicate true behavior and integrate available secondary data sources. 


In addition to our behavioral economics approach, we have deep experience in pharma on both the client and consulting side and global experience fielding in more than 20 countries.