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Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

Forian offers data solutions that help stakeholders in Life Sciences better understand their customers, their products/services, and the markets in which they operate.

Services & Capabilities

Forian’s health system and healthcare provider solutions are enabled by Forian's proprietary hybrid data product, CHRONOS, which captures data for over 98% of all providers in the US

CHRONOS is a hybrid data ecosystem comprising medical and pharmacy claims including full provider details across clinicians, facilities, and pharmacies.

  • Fully integrated, proprietary and privacy compliant data
  • 2.2M+ US healthcare providers (inclusive of a HCP specialties including NP & PA)
  • 6,000+ US hospitals and 100,000 US healthcare facilities
  • 9+ years of longitudinal patient data
  • Integrated provider contact details (address, phone numbers and email)


Key Differentiators

Forian's hybrid dataset along with our decades of combined expertise and customer service truly differentiates us from other data providers on the market.

Forian's data has over 350m de-identified patients dating back to 2015. The data is a comprised of linked Open, Closed, Remittance, SDoH and EHR.