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Empowering Differences Inc

Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

Empowering Differences is an organization founded on the 10 Empowering Actions that leverage change for the 10 Empowering Differences people have.


Services & Capabilities

Empowering Differences provides training and leadership development programs based on the 10 Empowering Actions and the 10 Empowering Differences. We work with organizations and individuals to develop leaders, empower individuals, understand terminology, improve internal and external communication, and provide reward & recognition programs. With our strategy & consulting options, we work directly with organizations to provide our proprietary live 90 second empowerment assessment to evaluate your effectiveness and measure how empowered people are for each of their 10 empowering differences. This also connects to our empowerment research which will create empowering action recommendations for teams. Our proprietary assessment also measures impacts for accessibility, communication, cultural differences, equity, inclusion groups, mentoring, and training. Benchmark your teams empowerment by contacting us today.

Key Differentiators

As a nationally recognized diverse supplier, we work with large well-known organizations, in addition to small and mid-size companies and non-profits of any size.

Diversity Status

LGBTQ-owned, Woman-owned, Small Business, Disability-owned