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Day One Strategy

Data & Data Analytics


Company Description

Day One is a global strategy, data, and insights advisory agency that combines technology and human intelligence to help healthcare companies make better informed decisions.

Services & Capabilities

Whether it's implementing cutting-edge research tools, optimizing omnichannel data analytics, or leveraging generative AI, we bring the right solution to each challenge.   Blending traditional market research with innovative methods, including voice technology, subconscious emotion analysis, and attention capture, our goal is to understand healthcare professionals and patients on a human level – their hopes, fears, emotions, motivations, and behaviors.  

Day One is a full service healthcare strategy, data and insights advisory agency with global reach.    Specialisms in digital health, rare disease and oncology.     Qualitative and quantitative research, with focus on cutting edge technologies.   Innovative capabilities include Sounding Board knowledge management, Cre-AI-tive agile communications testing,  voice technology, emotion and attention AI.

Key Differentiators

We blend new methods such as voice technology, GenAI, emotion and attention AI, conversational AI, and innovative data collection platforms with traditional market research.    Specialized Digital Strategy / Digital Health and Oncology teams.  

Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Small Business