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Ann Davis Consulting LLC

Data & Data Analytics

Company Description

A strategic market insights consultancy serving as an extension of client staffs for corporate insights departments & vendors. ADC is also a skilled qualitative moderator and facilitator for internal brainstorming & wargaming sessions


Services & Capabilities

Strategic Market Insights Consulting, Marketing Strategy Consulting, Qualitative Moderation, Facilitation of brainstorming and wargaming sessions, Skilled in advanced quantitative methodologies, Extensive experience presenting crisp, actionable recommendations to senior management, Experience across many therapeutic areas: Cardiology, Gastro-intestinal (Acid Relief, Constipation, Anti-diarrheal), Oncology, Diabetes, Diabetic Kidney Disease, End-stage Renal Disease, Rare Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pain, Surgical devices, Hypertension / Cholesterol-reducing, Allergy, Upper Respiratory

Key Differentiators

Highly strategic, action-oriented consulting with an entrepreneurial mindset

Viewed as a go-to advisor in transforming data into clear, relevant, actionable insights & recommendations

Skilled in brand strategy development and innovation process

Ability to view business issues from multiple points of view: marketing / sales / product development, as well as market insights point of view

Extensive experience presenting analyses to senior management and influencing cross-functional business partners

Proven ability to partner with, and guide insights, marketing and cross-functional teams and drive execution

Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Small Business