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Ignition Consulting Limited

Communications Agencies/Marketing

Company Description

Today, the multidisciplinary Team within pharma, biotech and biopharma face ever-evolving complexities and unprecedented demands.  Navigating diverse healthcare stakeholder needs, accurately disseminating scientific data, crafting impactful messaging and delivering meaningful programmes require the right level of experience and incredible coordination.  Inherent challenges and inefficiencies in traditional outsourced models often cost in budget, time and resources and can profoundly impact the vital bridge between research, patient outcomes and business results.  Ignition Consulting was launched to help reinforce this critical connection, bringing specialised capabilities to work as an extension of a Team, helping optimise results by igniting critical thinking, accelerating agency potential and building optimising partnerships.

Services & Capabilities

Igniting Critical Thinking:
  • Pinpointing key insights, identifying hidden opportunities, or navigating complex challenges by igniting critical thinking through catalytic questioning and the creation of the right environments
  • Providing a trusted and independent perspective on your strategic options, messaging, tactical programmes and outsourced partner engagements.

Accelerating Agency Potential:

  • Working as an orchestrator or choreographer to turn internally developed or agency-led directions into tangible plans
  • Driving implementation underpinned by a 360-degree focus on continuous improvement, cost and time efficiency to deliver transformative results.

Optimising Partnerships:

  • Building vital bridges between diverse stakeholders through catalysing shared visions and sustaining them
  • Providing the right experience to transform transactional engagements into purpose-driven and rewarding relationships.

Key Differentiators

Ignition Consulting is built on over 25 years of agency experience, 15 years of which was in senior leadership roles, to ignite, accelerate, and optimise success.  Ignition Consulting is partnering with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and agencies in the medical, communications, and creative sectors to help solve three critical challenges.  Whether sparking critical thinking, accelerating potential, or optimising relationships, Ignition Consulting has the expertise to help transform
your results.