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Communications Agencies/Marketing


Company Description

HealthDay is a leading independent creator of evidence-based health content for consumers and physicians, and the world’s largest syndicator of health news to internet sites. HealthDay's news and videos can be found on websites as diverse as WebMD, Merck Manual, and US News & World Report, as well as on hospital/physician websites throughout the country.

Services & Capabilities

Consumer News
Ten to fifteen 600-800 word articles per day, and five HD videos a week covering 50 diseases and conditions tagged with over 900 medical terms. Content sourced from top medical journals, industry conferences, government reports, and leading medical research centers. Available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.


A-Z Wellness Library

Step-by-step guides to 42 diseases and conditions, ranging from pregnancy to how to care for an elderly parent with Alzheimer disease.  Plus our “how to” video library covering everything from Diet & Fitness to Health & Wellness.


Physician’s Briefing

Provides 15 concise 200-400 word articles daily for health care providers based on breaking research in more than 150 top peer-reviewed medical journals. Includes our exclusive coverage of the major global medical conferences.


Custom Content

Our team of specialized writers and editors, well versed in SEO, will create bespoke content tailored to your needs. Our clients turn to HealthDay when they need evidence-based content, medically reviewed by our board-certified physicians.

Key Differentiators

HealthDay Key Differentiators


  • We can create content targeted to consumers or healthcare professionals.
  • We can offer licensed content solutions as well as provide custom solutions on a work-for-hire basis
  • We can handle large amounts of content creation.  We are one of the few content creators that can do up to 50+ stories for you a month on a custom basis.
  • Our custom solutions are fundamentally different from a freelancer in that our finished product is not just written, but edited, top edited, and upon request also medically reviewed