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The NetworkSage

Clinical Trial Solutions


Company Description

The only comprehensive ecosystem map of the network connections of patients, caregivers, and clinicians that impact the health and disease journey and outcomes.  

Services & Capabilities

Our framework offers a new way to understand a person’s entire ecosystem as defined by the eight networks that support adults in their personal and work lives.


It can be used to identify unmet needs for therapeutics, enhance clinical endpoints, more comprehensively describe the burden of Illness, justify product price, improve patient/caregiver support programs, and secure support from advocacy groups and others for coverage and reimbursement.


Expanded patient journey research to address both the healthcare and non-healthcare experience as the condition impacts the life of a patient, caregiver, or family. Enhanced burden-of-illness descriptions.


Competitive positioning studies for products with more favorable features, benefits, and side-effect profiles.

Key Differentiators

IP-protected network framework based on 15+ years of deep ethnographic research with patients, caregivers, and clinicians in ten different therapeutic categories.


More patient-centric and actionable than SDOH.


Deep understanding of how our framework supports industry imperatives through each phase of the product lifecycle.

Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Minority-owned, Small Business