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Seascape Clinical

Clinical Trial Solutions

Company Description

Seascape Clinical was founded by clinops professionals who designed a clinical operations software platform that quickly provides insights on clinical trial performance at the macro and micro levels.

Services & Capabilities

Our clinical operations oversight and workflow automation platform provides teams with direct access to relevant trial dashboards, timelines, trackers, and collaboration tools, in an integrated system. Our platform enables teams and executives to derive insights on trial performance, using the same data source, to be able to mitigate risks more efficiently. Our platform improves team and study efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks including data lookup and cross referencing between excel spreadsheets, CTMS and other data sources. We enable clinical operations teams to collaborate, prioritize tasks and mitigate risks from a single source.

Key Differentiators

Clinops teams can access trial dashboards, timelines, trackers, collaboration tools, and workflow automation all from the same system. This can significantly reduce workload, increase trial efficiency and minimize budget overruns.