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Pharma Acuity Inc.

Clinical Trial Solutions


Company Description

Pharma Acuity helps accelerate clinical trials and commercialization for Biopharma companies by identifying, segmenting and engaging high leverage stakeholders, including:

- Key opinion leaders

- Efficient trial sites

- High performing principal investigators

- Relevant patient populations

- Treating physicians and institutions

- Early adopters and many more

Services & Capabilities

Pharma Acuity helps pharma sponsors accelerate the process of getting therapies to patients faster, by using its an on-demand, cloud-based, Launch Excellence Intelligent Assistant (LEIA) software platform and concierge analytics and engagement service. We use the latest in AI and data analytics to compile, consolidate, and simplify the confusing mass of data about stakeholder behavior.


Pharma Acuity services clinical and commercial stage companies and CRO's in the following ways:

·      Find a client’s priority physicians and their network

·      Segment these priority physicians into target groups e.g. Early adopters

·      Segmentation is based on client needs.

o   Principal Investigators with a verifiable track record of running successful trials and enrolling more patients.

o   Community physicians who can refer patients to participate in clinical trials or for treatment.

o   to serve as physical or digital educators of other physicians or patients, market access, building a speaker's bureau etc. 

·      Engage these physicians via multiple channels and track their behavior.

·      Map patient and physician journeys

·      Identify more of the best trial sites with greater precision

·      Identify centers of excellence where patients with rare and serious diseases can be treated.


·      Find patient populations on social media and engage them through targeted ads.

Key Differentiators

·      The age of personalized medicine requires a highly customizable platform. LEIA is a personalized decision-support and engagement platform which accelerates patient recruitment and stakeholder identification.

·      Our platform allows you to get a unified view of the healthcare ecosystem using our rich data compiled and cleansed from diverse sources.

·      We also provide a set of tools so that we can incorporate data sources that you may already have access to.

·      We bundle concierge services with our platform, so you are not getting a data dump, but actionable insights to answer your specific questions.

Diversity Status

Minority-owned, Small Business