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Paragon Language Services

Clinical Trial Solutions


Company Description

Paragon has been providing global language solutions to the Life Science industry for over 20 years. We let you engage with larger, more diverse audiences in their language, in a way that is linguistically accurate and culturally relevant. 

Services & Capabilities

Translation - Clinical Trial Recruitment, Marketing, Advertising, Brand Management, Care Management, Informed Consent, Patient Information, IFUs, White Papers

Localization - Websites, mobile apps, artwork, IVRs

Interpreting - On-site, Escort, Remote

Adaptation/Transcreation - Advertising copy, slogans, social media content, taglines, urls, SEO

Desktop Publishing/Layout Services

Post-Production Services - Voiceover, dubbing, subtitling, audio recording, casting

Cultural & Linguistic Consulting

PRO Tool Development

Linguistic Validation

Key Differentiators

Our team is large enough to handle the most high-profile campaigns and agile enough to adapt to your changing needs in real-time with the ability to shift resources and adjust workflows as needed.

We have specialized expertise with the Hispanic and Asian markets in the United States and with languages of limited diffusion/rare languages worldwide.

Through our extensive network of translators, editors, proofreaders, consultants, regional language experts, and strategic partners we ensure linguistic and cultural acceptance of any form of communication, including print, digital and interactive.


Diversity Status

Woman-owned, Small Business