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Luto Research Ltd.

Clinical Trial Solutions


Company Description

We make health information clear by using real people to help explain your health & life sciences products and services so they are truly understood by all. Operating globablly for over 20years, we've built up a participant database that means we can test any product, with any demographic and perform anywhere your product is needed.


Our mission is to help eliminate health literacy across the world by challenging and continuously improving digital and print health & life science information. This can help make all health information clear and accessible so everyone is empowered to take part in their own health journey united under the belief of powerful information can make a real difference to peoples’ lives.


Our collection of academic advisors leads on health research across the globe and support Luto in applying the best possible research and approaches to writing, testing and designing patient materials.



Services & Capabilities

Reabability user testing

Formative, summative, and iterative testing to identify rectify readability problems with patient facing materials such as Patient Information Leaflets, Instructions for Use, and other patient facing information, so patients and end users can follow every step.


Usability testing

Test your medical device, health technology product or app with real end users in real situations to identify usability problems to help you overcome any potential issues and reduce complaints. Whether you are developing a protype, ready to go to market, or going through product iterations we can test it. 


Patient facing materials design

Our creative team can craft all your products graphics, videography and animation content that matters in all languages and accounting for cultural sensitivities to help explain how to use your health & life sciences products safely.


Key support areas

  • Instructions for use (IFUs)
  • Patient information leaflets (PILs)
  • Human factors testing
  • Risk minimisation materials
  • Medical device and drug packaging
  •  Explainer videos
  • Educational materials & infographics
  • Medical animation & motion graphics

Key Differentiators

We can test and design any patient or end user materials with anyone, in any product or service, and anywhere required. This means that, not only will your patient information be truly understood and made clear for all, but speeds up adoption of your product and service, reduces complaints, and meeds and FDA,MHRA, EU or other regulation.

Our approach:

  1. Is tailored to your exact need -  We develop bespoke readability and usability testing strategies that allow us to meet the needs of your complex products and services.
  2. Uses diverse demographics - Through our participants, we recruit the right demographics and literacy levels to make sure your information is accessible.
  3. Has global reach - We have access and capabilities to conduct your products testing and design of your materials wherever you are in the world.

We will:

  • Dig deep to understand your unique requirements for your unique product.
  • Aapply best practice through our advisors.
  • Review your existing text and write alternative written text to meet the levels required.
  • Propose design options that adequately visualise your health & life sciences product steps.
  • Design and conduct a testing strategy that meets your exact needs.
  • Produce a final report detailing the outcomes of how real people engage with your physical and digital information, and;
  • Craft your final information and packaging designs and any explainer video or animation..