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Let’s make sure The Collaborative is a good fit for you

The Collaborative, a Managed Services Provider (MSP), curates a network of professional services companies serving health sciences companies under ONE Diverse Supplier Master Service Agreement (MSA). Please answer a few questions to find out if The Collaborative is a good fit for you.

How The Collaborative works

One-stop for an integrated solution, all under a single Diverse Supplier MSA for easy invoicing and payment, as well as meeting Diverse Supplier spend requirements

If more than one member company is needed, one company is designated “lead” to pull together proposal. The Collaborative can facilitate any partnerships and “curate” an integrated solution

Project is contracted under The Collaborative MSA, and the lead company prepares SOW, incorporating any subcontractors

The Collaborative provides Compliance and Performance oversight, and invoices the client directly, then distributes payment to the lead company

The Collaborative provides oversight

Compliance Requirements

  • Members adhere to all compliance requirements stipulated in client MSAs (e.g., AE Reporting, Data Privacy/GDPR Protection, Cybersecurity, Anti-Corruption)
  • Members must take the client AE training prior to starting a project
  • The Collaborative will provide third party oversight to help manage any Compliance challenges, including audit assistance

The Collaborative mitigates performance risk

Performance Requirements

  • Members will report any performance issues for help in resolution
  • Members must take all actions necessary to remedy performance issues
  • If necessary, a Collaborative Oversight committee will intervene to resolve the issue
  • Members must carry professional liability insurance as stipulated in client MSAs

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